Our tours are private for the comfort of our guests. Book for sandboarding at the dunes or one of the slot canyon tours including our Peekaboo Slot Canyon Adventure!
Sandboarding or sledding is an activity that’s fun for all ages. Coral Pink Dunes and Peekaboo Slot Canyon are two sandboarding options
A sunset time is our most popular tour for Peekaboo Canyon


Zion tours and kanab tours! Join us for a tour very near to Zion National Park. Most of our experiences are just outside Kanab, Utah. Zion tours and kanab tours are perfectly situated for your travels because of the ease of travel to each location. So stop in on your way from or to the Grand Canyon!

Peekaboo Slot Canyon. Peekaboo slot is a must see if you are visiting Zion. The canyon is an easy hike and great for all ages because of lack of obstacles and the sand path created by the floods.

Sand boarding and dunes. Corral Pink Sand Dunes is an amazing place to visit. And this bucket list destination privides a few dunes to board or sled on. And you can’t beat the fun of riding the dunes! Because of the extreme nature of this tour and the motion of riding the dunes, we reccomend to be prepared with medicine for motion sickness. But only if you are often car sick.

Because UTVs and ATVs are the most fun on the trails, this is what we use. So join us on the trails and ride in the open air. 

And then there are the guides! Because of the need for reliable drivers, we have not only the best guides but also the most fun. This is because of their love of people and the outdoors. 



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Peekaboo Slot Canyon





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